Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Noel Noel

This weekend is my last weekend to get "Christmas Ready". After this weekend, I'm pretty sure I will have to work all the weekends until Christmas, and Sexy Boyfriend and I usually only have time to do stuff like Holiday Preparation on the weekends we have off together.

I have only bought one present so far, and have many more to buy, and can't leave it to the last minute because most of the gifts have to be sent by mail. I am usually very into Christmas - I love the shopping, I love the eating, I love the drinking. However, this year I am not into Christmas at all. Maybe it's because we won't be traveling home.

I am not looking forward to the shopping - mostly because most of the people on my list will be getting gift cards this year. So boring. For some people I have very specific gifts in mind, but some people I'm just not sure and I'd rather spend less money to send them a gift card so they can buy something they really love then spend a bunch on shipping for something they only kinda like. But gift cards are so boring to buy.

I'm not looking forward to the decorating - Sexy Boyfriend wants to get the tree and put it up this weekend. All I can think is that the needles will be falling out by the middle of the month. And the cat will climb it at least ten times. And the dog will pee on the floor and it will pool under the tree and it will be a nightmare to clean up.

I'm kinda still looking forward to the food, although I'm not too happy that we will be the ones preparing it all - usually we travel home and our Mummies cook everything for us. Don't get me wrong, I make a mean turkey, but there is just something about having your Mummy make a meal for you that makes it even better. Plus, I can't really eat anything lately, so food is not so exciting. Food's actually kind of depressing these days.

I'm still looking forward to drinking, though.


Anonymous said...

I'm all about the drinking.


Dilly Dilly said...

Every year my husband's family does a secret santa exchange. Every year it's the same - an exchange of gift cards. I dole out one to Target, I get one from Pier One. My sister gives one to Best Buy, she gets one for Sephora. Better than the silver plated heart-shaped picture frame I got two years ago from hubby's aunt.

I too am all about the drinking! I come to my mom's on Christmas Eve with two wine bottles JUST FOR ME!