Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hangin' Tough - minus five cute boys from Boston

I'm having a tough day today. Tough for two reasons, unrelated except for their essential toughness.

I had to work this morning at 7am. That meant I had to leave my house by six in order to deposit Sexy Boyfriend downtown and make it to work on time. What with it being winter, the sun rose at approximately 7:15am, so I missed the sun in the morning. Then I finished work at 4, and the sun was practically set by the time I left the mall. I did not see the light of day today. So depressing.

I can't really talk about the second element of toughness. It involves someone in my life who found out some very scary news yesterday, which may be nothing, but is potentially devastating. I can't talk about specifics because this person hasn't really told anyone else, namely people who visit my site regularly. Now the waiting game begins, waiting to find out whether everything is okay or something is wrong, and I feel helpless and I know this person feels the same, and we are both uncannily similar in the fact that we NEED to control situations from the very cores of our being, and situations like this are extremely detrimental to our respective mental healths and to the sanity of those around us.

I am also a bit sad that I arrived home to a puddle of dog pee in my bedroom. I do not understand why Charlie is randomly peeing on the floor, but it is seriously starting to piss me off. Don't ask me how I can tell it's his pee and not Gabby's, because it's gross, but, oh, I know it was him. And he knows it was him. And I can tell he's sitting here mocking me because there isn't really much I can do about it.

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Anonymous said...

I love Charlie but for some reason when he looks at me i get the strange feeling that he would like to eat me