Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Irony is a bitch

Usually, when I am working, I have the car. As I explained in my last post, public transportation to my work is pretty friggin' excruciating. Sexy Boyfriend, however, works downtown, so although he still has to deal with the stinky, drunk, scary people who take the bus, the trip only takes about 45 minutes compared to a half our car ride. When we are working at close to the same time in the morning, I will drive him to work, then come back and pick him up after.

Yesterday, we were running a little late getting out the door, and after work I had an appointment so I said "Hey, Sexy Boyfriend, how about you drive me to work, so that I am not late since I am opening and it would look pretty friggin' bad if I was late and all my associates were there waiting for me, and then you can come and pick me up after my appointment, since it is close and I will be able to just walk there."

"Okay, that would be great to have the car for the day for once"

So, he dropped me off at work. However, traffic from the West Island to Downtown in the morning can be pretty crazy, and it took him over an hour to get in. Then, at around 4 o'clock, his friend called him.

"Dude, a client gave me his tickets to the hockey game tonight with free food and drinks - I'll pick you up at 6:30"

And my Sexy Boyfriend, because he is sweet and good, said no thanks.

Actually, I think he was more scared that the chances of him getting any in the next little while would go from their present practically non-existant state to nil. But nonetheless, he said no. He could have told me to take a cab again. He could have sent his brother to get me, then I would have to go drop his brother off, and then drive all the way home from downtown, but he didn't do that. He said no. And he picked me up after my appointment, and was even there early.

Sometimes it's the little things that make us happiest.

I didn't really feel bad about it until later, when we were watching TV and he flicked over to check how the game finished and we found out it went into overtime. And when we watched some guy go on a breakaway or something and score with like two minutes left in overtime. And when he practically jumped off the couch. Then I kinda felt bad. But, he always talks about how he hates to take the bus, and how it sucks that I always have the car, and I really thought I was doing a nice thing by getting him to drop me off then come get me.

And that kinda makes me find the whole thing pretty funny in the sick "I'm going straight to hell for laughing at my boyfriend's misery" kinda way.


Anonymous said...

I only wish.. my boyfriend would have dropped me in a minute.. alittle chuckle at his misery is alright compared to the alternative a vengful bedroom tactics lol.. by the way your blog is a highlight in my day now.. love amy

Jules said...

I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog!!! I have a terrible time of emailing everyone and keeping in touch that way - this has been so much better, and so fun!

Hope to keep you reading!


Anonymous said...

lol..only you guys!