Friday, September 09, 2005

Anderson Cooper, please marry me!

I'm not sure if I will have time to post tomorrow because of my hectic social schedule, plus I've had some wine, so it's a double post day!!!!

Can I just say that I am in love with Anderson Cooper? Obviously a young-ish guy with white hair is a turn-on (okay, so if you read my 100 things post, you know I get weird celebrity crushes), but when I saw him telling off Sen. Mary Landrieu on TV, I said "I'm going to marry Anderson Cooper." I really don't like talking about things that are difficult like the Katrina disaster - especially when they have such a political aspect. Who am I to comment? Who am I to have any kind of opinion? I am not informed, except for what I see on TV. All I can do is feel sympathy and try to help as best I can, and that's all that's really relevant. But it's so good to see people who have been trained to remove the human aspect of their being during their professional life (reporters, media, etc) using their voice to get the real message out. And challenging the people who are trying to snowball the public, and put a spin on things.

So, Anderson Cooper, if you are ever in Montreal, you are my hero du jour, and I would marry you.

In other, non-serious comments on the world, I am also in love with Natalie Portman in "Garden State". That character, Samantha, is all of the silly, funny, wonderful things that I wish to be but never quite am. Sometimes life gets in the way of dreams that beautiful.

I was also reading one of my favorite blog sites, Dooce, and I found out something funny. I am always very careful to not mention any names of employers or specific offenders on my blog when I am disgruntled/pissed off. The author of Dooce was actually fired from her job because she blogged about her workplace. You can read all about it here. Begin at the bottom, ("Reasons I Should Not be Allowed to Work from Home"). It makes me kinda thankful that I got out of my old shitty job when I did because this was the path I was on.

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Anonymous said...

Dooce's blogs are flippin' hillariuous!...but not as good as yours of course.

ps, thanks for the pick-me-up comment on my lj:)