Friday, September 09, 2005

Who's been drooling on my pillow?

My dogs spend pretty much the whole day sleeping. They are old, and they are lazy, and that's just what they do. They usually take up shop on our bed, under the air conditioning, and just sleep the day away. Usually I don't mind, but sometimes, Charlie likes to cuddle up to the pillows a little too much. And Charlie drools a lot, not when he's sleeping, but other times, so often this will leave spots all over our pillows - usually more Sexy Boyfriend's than mine, since Charlie hates me. When I catch Charlie on my pillow, I yell "Charlie, come get a treat" and then he jumps off, and most likely when he goes back, he will not choose my pillow.

I was planning on getting up this morning and watching the last movie of all the movies I rented last week. They were due back today, so we watched one last night, and I kept Office Space to watch this morning. I have to go get some allergy medicine this afternoon, so I was going to drop them off on the way. However, after I had had my cereal and made some coffee and was all ready to get settled in to watch Office Space, which I haven't seen in a while, so was really looking forward to, I realized that Sexy Boyfriend had returned the movies before work this morning. I know he was just doing something nice, and any other time I would have been like "Sweet, I don't have to stop at the video store" cause I don't have the car so running errands takes forever. But I'm really sad I don't get to watch Office Space today. Have you seen my stapler?

For Big Brother fans (Sara), last night's episode was pretty disappointing - they evicted Howie, and I am so sad. But, Janelle did win HOH, so I'm hoping she is going to kick ass the rest of the way.

The people inside the house have a very skewed view of reality, and it's hilarious. There were two groups inside the house, The Friendship and The Sovereign Six. The Friendship pretend like they are a big huge love-fest, and above everyone, and beyond reproach, and The Sovereign Six were there to play the game, and never pretended otherwise. The Friendship always talked about how vapid the other group is, how they are only after money, how they have no morals, blah blah blah. There came a point where the two groups made a deal to play together for two weeks to target two specific players, get them out, and then they would go back to fighting it out amongst each other. And that's when the Friendship blatantly lied and backstabbed to get ahead.

The members of the Sovereign Six were just more likeable in general, but now it's extra hilarious because they keep doing "America's Choice" polls, and Janelle keeps winning (she was in the Sovereign Six). And then everyone in the Friendship is like "How can America like her better than us, wah wah wah?" and they cry and moan, and I'm like "maybe if you weren't rats, people would like you more."

I think it's kinda sad how Big Brother is taking over my life, but I'm not going to fight it.


Barb said...

Those doggy pics are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Gabby and Big Brother is my life!