Friday, September 30, 2005


I'm going to break my rule of not blogging about work because something pretty funny happened at work yesterday. It was my first time closing the store by myself, without other managers present. As my colleague was leaving the store at 6:30, we noticed a girl in the store had a dog with her. Dogs are only allowed in the mall if they are not walking on their own, if someone is carrying them, or they're being pushed (I saw a dog once in a really funny little doghouse on wheels type stroller). Usually people carry their dogs around in those cute little tote bags when they bring them to the mall. But not this girl. This girl was just carrying her dog (a Maltese) in her arms, and didn't have a leash or anything with her either. Then, this girl decided that she wanted to look at some jeans and she set that doggie down on a table full of T-shirts. My colleague rushed over and told her that if she would like to continue shopping in the store, she would have to keep him in her arms. She had a look of embarassment on her face, and quickly scooped the dog up. My colleague left the store.

Like ten minutes later, my associate who was in charge of the dressing rooms came out with a funny look on his face. That girl with the dog had snuck in there when he wasn't looking. Then, as she was trying on clothes, that dog had run all around the dressing rooms, in and out from under other people's doors, and that girl just kept calling to the dog "Come back Dog (or whatever its name was), come back." But that dog didn't listen. Then, that dog decided that it needed to pee, and did so, on the carpet. Then the girl grabbed the dog, and left the store, without so much as an apology, nor did she offer to clean up her doggie's mess.

I love dogs, and am used to cleaning up messes, but come on! What kind of person is so disrespectful and ignorant? What if the other people trying on clothes don't like doggies? What if they're allergic? What if that doggie had peed on merchandise? That would have been expensive for that lady, and I wonder if she knows it.

It was definitely a memorable first close by myself. When my manager called me later in the night to see how everything was going, I told her what happened. She was laughing hysterically, and then told me about the time a giant seeing-eye dog took a dump in front of the cash. I think that would have been easier to clean up.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,

I cannot believe that happened to you!!! How dumb can people be?!? You shouldn't be allowed to bring a dog into a store, and she put in on the display with the t-shirts. Some people are so self-involved.