Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Newfoundland Traffic Report

I am a TV addict, and am also fortunate enough to have satellite TV. Because we have satellite, I have feeds of CTV from all across the country.

Every day, around this time of day, NTV (Newfoundland's television station) airs the Newfoundland traffic report. I'm not even joking. They show live feed from like 5 or 6 locations and comment on the traffic flow. I have never seen more than three cars on the screen. And the guy is just like "highway blah blah blah out of Booneyville - all clear there" in such a serious way, and you're watching like "Dude, there is never traffic there - ever!" It would make more sense if they did a regular weather report at this time, and if there are any traffic issues, mention them then. Maybe it's all one big joke they are making about themselves. I don't know.

My offer and my iPod did not come yesterday, much to my chagrin, but they did both come today. My offer had less information in it than I expected - just the offer itself and some insurance forms. Can't wait for Monday to find out more about the job - up until now I've felt really confident, but I'm starting to doubt myself cause I have so much time on my hands, thus time to think about everything that could go wrong. Also, I spoke with my New Boss today and she was like "we have all kinds of stuff going on next week, so it will be a pretty crazy time for you to be coming on board." Yikes.

My iPod is back, but it is not my iPod. It is a BRAND NEW one!!! Yay! I hope this one doesn't have the same issues. If it does have the same issues, I hope they happen in the next couple of months cause my warrantee runs out in March. We are going to go tonight and buy a case for it, or a skin, or something to keep the screen from getting scratched.

If you are travelling to Gander today, be advised that there are two cars travelling there, but if you're going to Goose Bay, it's all clear.


Anonymous said...

yay for the return of the iPod!


Anonymous said...

hey julie !!
i've been skimming through your entries whenever i can, and this is the one that i decided to post a reply to, just wanted to say STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF .... you rock, you have what it takes and more ! your were the most awesome abm, i'll go as far as saying you were my hero, THATS RIGHT MY HERO !!! lol. they're lucky to have you and you will be CEO in no time at'll see :) !

i wish you all the luck in the world !


p.s. keep them newfie traffic reports coming ;)

Jules said...

Darren you are so sweet - are you sure you are really Darren, cause I only remember high-strung fighting and arguing. Reveal yourself, imposter!

There are about five cars moving into St. John's about now, so watch out if that's where you're heading.